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Henk is a passionate fly fisher and a skilled fly tier. He has demonstrated his tying skills, that far outshine his casting or fishing skills by the way, at numerous national and international shows, including but not limited to the Dutch Fly Fair, the Danish Fly Festival, and the British Fly Fair. He infrequently writes about several flyfishing aspects for web magazines as Global Fly Fisher, or print magazines as the British monthly Fly Fishing & Fly Tying. His publications include articles on furled leaders, pike fishing tools, and specialized may fly patterns.

His favourite quarries are trout and grayling abroad, and pike at home. He plans on targeting asp and sea bass in the near future, and tries to visit Lake Oostvoorne as often as reasonable possible.

Due to the very nature of fishing, this page is in an eternal state of flux. Currently, there are topics on rod and tackle making, fly fishing trips. Weather permitting, pages on fly tying and fishing tips may be added in the future...

First of all the rod building and tackle making page. Click here to access it. It will show several pieces of kit I've made over the years. Among other things it documents my most recent rod project, a fast 4 piece 9 foot 9 weight, intended for travel pike fishing. This rod was built on a Rainshadow blank. The next rod will be a 8' 3 weight, and will be built on a St Croix Avid blank. For this rod, I have made the reel seat wood spacer myself, from a piece of holly oak.

Next in line is a fishing trips page, documenting some special trips I've recently made...

As said, this page is dynamic (so to say) so keep checking back ;-)


Extended tube body Wallywing mayfly

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